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Redesign Consultation • 2 hours • $200

Once you’ve had your home staged, you’ll witness first-hand how powerful a design transformation can be
and may want to make the small investment in a professional redesign for your new home too. Or maybe it’s time for a change in the house you’ve lived in for a while — a style update, a fresh look after the kids have moved out, or a reconfiguration of some rooms so they function and feel better. The first step is a two-hour consultation during which we’ll walk through your home, discuss how to maximize the furnishings and accessories you already own, and consider affordable cosmetic improvements to achieve your goals.

Following the consultation, I’ll create a comprehensive redesign plan to transform your home into a place
you will love to live in again.

Call on me to restyle your home for you according to the plan, with my additional redesign services offered below; or you may choose to carry out my recommendations on your own.

Home Organization • 3 hour minimum • $150

Whether your home is tight on storage space or you’ve simply accumulated too much “stuff,” I can help you free up space and bring order out of chaos. With my 4-Step Declutter process, I will work with you to sort through each room’s contents, and together we’ll decide what to trash, donate, sell, and store.

Accessory Shopping • 2 hour minimum • $150

Decorative accessories can lend just the right finishing touch to enhance your spaces. If your redesign plan calls for new pieces in addition to what you already have, I’m happy to shop for those items, either with you
or for you. I can source high-impact items in line with your budget and, whenever possible, will pass along designer discounts to you to maximize your cost savings.

Home Redesign • 4 hour minimum • $100/hour

If you’d like my help to rearrange and refresh your current home — or to style your new one — I’m ready to take on the job. I’ll put your Birch Hill Interiors redesign plan into action, creating warm and inviting spaces true to your personal style and with what brings joy to your life. Redesign is a great value! After all, your home is one of your biggest financial investments.

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